Episode 03: Dr. Cindy Pury



Cindy Pury sits on the faculty at Clemson University where she is a professor of psychology and serves as an undergraduate coordinator. Trained as both a clinical psychologist and a researcher, Cindy started out with an interest in studying cognition and fear, looking specifically at threat appraisals. In 2003 Cindy began to wonder about whether there was a different way people might cope when faced with threats. This led to her work to better understand courage from an empirical standpoint. Cindy is now one of the world's leading thinkers on the science of courage. In conjunction with Shane Lopez, she co-edited the first major book on the psychology of courage which compiled leading scientific and philosophical underpinnings of this ancient virtue. She was also instrumental in bringing together the first courage summit in 2007. An event sponsored by the American Psychological Association that brought together researches to discuss the topic. Cindy has also published a number of peer reviewed scientific journal articles on the subject of courage. You can find out more about Cindy here

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