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In this episode we explore:

  • Tom’s unexpected journey to becoming John Denver’s personal body guard and coach

  • What aikido taught Tom about working with conflict

  • Strategies to stay centered and perform under pressure

  • Tom’s insights about captivating audiences

  • Overcoming fear


Thomas Crum is an author and presenter in the fields of conflict resolution, peak performance, and stress management.  He is known throughout the world for The Thomas Crum Approach, taught through best-selling books (including The Magic of Conflict), audio and visual materials, and live presentations of varying length and designed to help people become more centered under conflict, more resourceful when facing challenges, and more effective under stress. 

For over 30 years, Tom has delivered dynamic presentations to management and employees at all levels in corporations, government and non-profit organizations.  Some of his corporate clients include Amgen, Diebold, Sony Pictures, Sony Entertainment, Intel, the Navy SEALS and the National Football League. You can find out more about Tom at

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