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About the episode:

In this episode I sat down with Professional Coach, Peace Corps Volunteer, Entrepreneur, and Storyteller, Lisa Daron. Lisa has set off on a mission she calls "The Connection Cure" to see if she can heal herself from chronic illness by traveling across the country and forming meaningful moments of connection with people she meets along the way. For more on The Connection Cure please visit

I was inspired by this conversation, and hope that you enjoy hearing from Lisa as much as I did. 

Topics we explore include: 

-Lisa's journey with chronic illness and her how she came up with her idea for the Connection Cure

-What micro moments of connection are and the science behind connection. Even a brief moment of connection can impact our physiology and promote greater health, wellbeing, and thriving

-Practical ways Lisa deals with fear and doubt

-Lessons she learned about forming connection and relationships from her time as a peace corp volunteer

-And much more!

Background on Lisa:
Lisa Daron Grossman has been a practicing certified Professional Coach from the Coaches Training Institute and the International Coaches Federation since 2010. She is a practitioner of Positive Psychology, holds her MFA in Creative Nonfiction writing, BA in Anthropology, and a certificate in Mind-Body Medicine. As a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Lisa draws on fifteen years of learning and experience working with non-profits and NGOs in the public health and arts sectors of Swaziland.

Prior to working as a coach Lisa worked with storytelling as a documentary filmmaker, a copywriter for the Smithsonian channel, a New York City tour guide, and a professional team builder for over ten years. She has been asked to speak at workshops and wellness seminars across the country and was selected to speak at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as well as the John F. Kennedy Service Awards as part of a 2016 storytelling contest.

Lisa is currently living on the road full-time.

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